Beta 10: The Flexbox Master

What a great improvement – discover Bootstrap Flexbox! Wappler Beta 10 is now offering that awesome component.

It will make your web project much user experience orientated and will improve the main overlay, bringing fresh responsiveness to every interface!

Big Bootstrap improvements and additions

  • Bootstrap Flexbox! Feel the power of the Flexbox and align your items fully automatically! No more calculations
  • All color pickers now have the color as preview
  • Support for Bootstrap 4 Buttons, Button Groups and Toolbars
  • Improved Bootstrap Cards
  • Added support for Bootstrap Flushed List groups for Cards
  • Added special Bootstrap Title and Paragraphs with the specific Bootstrap styling options
  • In Bootstrap Element Appearance the Margins and Paddings got now all the possible sides

Awesome Code View improvements

  • Greatly improved Code View themening – now also special Wappler dark and light themes
  • Integrated linting and code check for HTML, CSS, JSON and JavaScript! Now you can see the errors directly in Code View – just as spellcheck, tags with errors get underlined
  • Full JavaScript code completing
  • Improved code formatting: now we absolutely respect the current indenting and also inserting Wappler components is now formatted