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Wappler Now Available on Linux: Version 1.0.1 Released

It’s being a busy week in Wappler’s offices! So much great feedback and positive reactions to the official release of Wappler!

Today we released version 1.0.1 where a lot of changes are included: fixes, improvements, even better subscription process. But one of the biggest changes is the release of… ATTENTION! Linux version of Wappler, running absolutely perfect! So power up your Ubuntu 16+ Desktop, even if it is in a Virtual Machine – and go Wappler!


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  • Greta Garberini

    A first-class web-development tool running on native Linux without need of running wine or virtual box. Now all my computer power can be used for my work instead of satisfying big companies need for spying. Whoever installed Windows 10 knows what I am talking about.
    And it finally covers all features needed for first class web-development: Design, Database Connectivity, Framework-Support, clean code production and much more.

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