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Beta 16: Mobile Apps Made Easy

In that beta version we have improved Framework 7 – and it’s better than ever! We have made a lot of changes like performance optimization, rendering speed, content blocks, grid, more text editable elements, current elements polishing, and so on. Framework 7 list items are now draggable in the App Structure tree!

Some general improvements were made: the inline text editing is now better with multi-line editing, as well as improved the speed of inline text editing greatly optimized. Of course, bugs were fixed.

No more mockups – build your mobile apps with Wappler!

We appreciate your interest, so please subscribe here – then just wait and see Wappler on your computer…

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  • Bart

    This app looks interesting but when is the public beta, pricing and licensing information to be released? This is like watching paint dry or getting your teeth pulled ;-). Also the main site is really plain with virtually no information, why such mystery about everything?

  • Chris

    I agree with Bart. I’ve been a DMX zone customer for about 12 years. Been waiting for some information to come out about it. Was super excited in the beginning, but I think now I’m starting to loose interest in it. Why not just let us know? Will our extensions that we’ve already bought still work work with this?

  • Boris Rangelov

    Hi guys and thanks for your comments!

    Yes, we’re working really hard to deliver you not just a website builder, but the most advanced one! We want our users satisfied and excited about our product. That’s why we decided to extend the public beta period – in order to get opinions and fix all the bugs, as well as add wished components. And we’re doing it!

    Don’t worry about DMXzone’s extensions – they will remain supported and there still be new releases… but the most exclusive new extension releases will be Wappler-only.

    Our team will suggest DMXzone’s users special offers for switching to Wappler, believe me! Please stay tuned and wait for the public beta – it will be released in the next month.

    Remember, Wappler will definitely catch your attention!

    Best regards,

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