Beta 8: The Artist a.k.a. Wappler

We have decided to extend the closed beta testing period in order to offer all of our users best experience during the public beta. All improvements in Beta 8 are based on the valuable feedback of our loyal testers!

So you can check out our brand new visual improvements: you can fully visually add new components directly in Design View! The selection box is now much smarter and also included special action icons for elements adding. We have added a lot of standard HTML5 tags and you can choose the most convenient one for your pages.

Major improvements

  • Great new Design View selection box where you can add new components directly inline! Now you can choose from the icons to add before, after or inside the current selected element.
  • Now you can add simple HTML tags like Paragraphs, Images and Content Areas directly in Design View
  • Added all simple HTML5 layout tags
  • Side Panel icons was made smaller
  • Left Panel is allowed to be smaller in size
  • Implemented Undo/Redo commands in Design View
  • Implemented DEL key in Design View in order to delete selection
  • Improved App Connect Data Bindings inspections and value changes