Beta 5: Multitasking at Its Best

Next beta version on board! We are closer to publishing first Wappler public beta in a couple of days. Beta 5, available for the closed group of testers, is now released. Code name: multitasking at its best!

Some important bugs were fixed, as well as brand new features added! That’s a great sign that Wappler is really community-driven and it makes the applications a great innovative tool.

A true Multitasker has being born!

Our efforts this time went in improving the design view and code view when you have multiple files open. Each file tab in the editor now opens its Design and Code View in a complete new process so those run smoothly without disturbing each other and also without effecting the main Wappler app – so everything runs smooth as butter! Also additional advantage is that when you switch file tabs all the design view scrolling positions and Code View are just being retained so when you come back everything always the way you left it!

Project Switching

We have also improved project switching! Now when you switch from project to project, all open files are being preserved and when you open the project back – the exact same working environment is being restored! So easy to switch between projects. Even if you have unsaved files – those are saved to temporary files, so when switched back – the unsaved files are still market as unsaved – but you have your changes in them!

File Manager

A lot new actions has being added to the file manager based on your requests! Now you can add many file types, rename, delete (even whole folders) and open in Explorer/Finder.

Code Editor

We have also improved auto completion in the code editor so it is much smarter now. Also the synchronization with design view and App Connect is really smooth and fast!