Beta 6: Smooth Criminal by Your Side

Hey, we are going further with Wappler Beta 6!

Say hello to our totally revamped user interface… Sky’s the limit and this time we did a complete UI overhaul, so that everything looks sleek and modern based on the latest trends!

What you got now

  • App Connect, Server Connect, File Manager, Projects and Extensions are now integrated in a left side panel and are loaded on demand
  • New finely designed tabs for your open pages – now even draggable for reordering and auto-sizing to available space
  • Design and Code View greatly optimized
  • Tag Inspector and Publishing Panel redesigned
  • Awesome new 3D spinning startup animation

A couple of bugs fixed

  • Not switching to design view after new project creation
  • File creation from the context menu in file manager is working properly now

See exclusive screenshot of the brand new UI on Monday! And stay tuned for the public beta next week!

Any ideas or suggestions? Contact us.