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It’s Official: Wappler is Released

It’s time! After almost a year of hard working, our team is happy to annoucne the official release of Wappler!

The standalone application is now fully available for purchasing! Go to www.wappler.io and see subscription plans. In Features page are presented some of the key features of Wappler, so don’t miss them out. Our efforts are concentrared in building the best advanced web applications builder in the world. That’s not easy and we know it. Wappler implements all the tools you need for creating the project of your dreams!

Of course, some special points:

We’re very glad that our beta users helped us a lot in testing, review and features suggesting – you’re part of Wappler’s heart!

Thank you, dear crowdfunding backers, for beleiving in Wappler from the beginning. You’ll never be disappointed and you will be proud of supporting our product.

After the release we will continue to work hard on Wappler and supply you with weekly updates and new features.

Wappler is made of our dreams! Today we’re standing on the starting line. Keep dreaming and stay tuned!

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  • Randy Riesterer

    I cannot logon via the ‘Purchase’ buuton located on the Wappler app even though I’ve created an account via the Indiegogo ‘Activate Password’ email. I get an error saying my username and pw are incorrect. How do I fix this?

    Also, Indiegogo says my status is locked “..until fullfilment…” – what does this mean?

    I purchased Wappler Enthusiast on April 30 (order #232). My Wappler app still shows my profile as “free” and not Pro – so I cannot use any server functions. How do I apply my Pro license to my Wappler app?

    Also, I’ve emailed several Dmxzone extension issues but have only gotten the robot confirmation. Are the DWCS6 Dmxzone extensions still supported?

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