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Let’s Make History! Wappler Crowdfunding is Launched

The Day X is here – Wappler is finally on the track – and it’s a winning horse! The biggest DMXzone mystery is revealed: now you know what Wappler will be. The best website builder for dynamic-driven projects ever created!

Let’s make history! Become one of our first backers – go to the IndieGoGo campaign and get your perk now!

Wappler is the most intuitive and innovative web and mobile builder in the world! That’s all you need for creating professional application just by yourself. No more coding, focus on creativity, design and ideas! Why so powerful? Just use the built-in components to run the project in the way you want… and you’re done! Wappler is suitable for every occasion – small portfolios to big projects: build a fully functional dynamic website in less than 2 minutes, starting from scratch!

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  • Valentin

    Hi guys, Wappler Pro License is an annual licence?

    • Boris Rangelov

      Hi Valentin, Wappler Pro is one-time payment and you get the product forever and 1 year of free updates!

  • Bart

    What is the cost to then keep updates yearly moving forward, the same cost per year, or what amount?

    • Boris Rangelov

      The one-time payment insludes Wappler for lifetime and 1 year extensions updates and support for the selected plan – if you want to keep updating Wappler and the extensions with new versions, you have to pay in addition for that. So you get what you order today for lifetime

  • Bart

    Thanks Boris

    I understand that, but wanted to know what the “update” cost yearly will be, to stay current and up to date with things annually ?

    What will it cost, past the “1 year of updates” , to stay updated with Wappler, the extensions and support yearly? What is the “additional” yearly cost to remain current ?

    • Boris Rangelov

      The price is the same as the current prices – you pay for the updates.

  • Bart

    Thank you for responding Bart.

    But just to clarify — So for the ‘Basic option’ it would be €79, and for ‘Pro option’ it would be €349 ?

    Meaning I would pay either of those amounts to keep those versions updated on a yearly basis ?

    Also if new extensions are released and added to the Basic or Pro versions, are they acquired at separate additional costs, or just the same ( €79 / €349) update costs to get future updates and any new extensions?

    Please clarify.

    • Boris Rangelov

      Yes but there will be discounts for keeping your Wappler updated. The annual price contains everything you need, depending on the package, and 1 year of updates/support. After expiring, you still got all the things you bought but if you want updates – you have to pay the annual fee.

  • Bart

    Thanks again Bart.

    Why cant this info just be stated plainly and clearly, for pre-purchase on the crowd-fund site ? 😉

    So the annual fee for updates to stay current, will be discounted below the normal purchase cost – of Basic €79 or Pro €349. So the annual update fee will be discounted below those 2 prices for either version ?

    Again, does that discounted ‘annual fee’ for updates, include any and ‘all’ new future extensions that are released for both the Basic and Pro versions ?

    • Boris Rangelov

      Yes, the discounted annual fee for updates includes all new future extensions that are released for both the Basic and Pro versions.

  • Bart

    Thanks Boris.

    Great !

    Also, sorry the Pro version is already discounted during the crowd funding so my above quoted cost of €349 should of actually been €399.

    Two last questions:

    • I assume this built on Electron or NWJS ? Which ?

    • As an ‘Angle Investor’ everything mentioned above is covered for LIFE, as a lifetime license ?

    Thanks again for all the responses.

    • Boris Rangelov

      Hi again!

      • Wappler is built on NW.js and Google Chrome is used for rendering.

      • As an Angel Investor you get everything mentioned above with a lifetime license and updates – you’re not gonna pay anymore.

      Thank you!

  • Bart

    Great ! Thanks for taking time to clarify things further Boris.

    You may want to add this clarity and information to the crowd funding page as it would probably help to increase donors and sales – if people understand these aspects better [ cost, updates, annual fees, underlying tech, all future extensions included with annual fees, etc., ].

    I think the above discussed type of information would provide further clarity for pre-purchase sales.

    Thanks again for all the feedback !!!

  • Thunder

    Hi Boris,

    I’ve jumped in to several “Early Adopter Funding for Incredible New Web Development Suite” projects.

    But, it was their inability to deal with dynamic data that killed my followup after waiting for their products to be introduced the way you are doing for Wappler.

    So, okay — DYNAMIC DATA views — I am piqued!

    Now, specifics on the Software —

    Please, please do not make this another “Design in the Cloud” tool!
    I need to have something like DREAMWEAVER used to be.

    Installed locally on Windows or MAC — works as fast as a local install executable.

    CLOUD BASED Design Apps — I have experimented with so many — simply cannot give the reliability and speed and constant functionality when they depend on constant contact through my hosting-to-the-internet connection.

    So, I am hoping you are offering in the Pro Version a downloadable installation that has Online updating & new option components that can be installed the way Dreamweaver CC subscription does.

    However, I want to install and be able to work anywhere without needing to be ONLINE connected to get through the project.

    And, because you are AWS certified, does this mean wappler will rely on AWS cloud for its cloud backup?

    Thanks so much for what looks like a great product — in fact the product Dreamweaver Should have evolved into after all these years.

  • Thunder

    Are you aware that in German Austrian “wappler” is a colloquial swearing word for an awkward, incompetent or limited man; This swear word is also used for persons (men) who pretend to be competent and capable, but in reality completely incompetent

    Wappler: gemäßigter Dummkopf, underachiever. Da zum einen das Wort W. zu den milderen Schimpfwörtern zählt und zum anderen das Wapplertum eine weit verbreitete Eigenschaft ist, eignet es sich zur Bildung prägnanter Komposita, um Personen, die einem nicht namentlich bekannt sind, unmissverständlich zu bezeichnen. So etwa kann mit dem Begriff Zopfwappler zweifelsfrei ein Herr mit weiblicher Haartracht charakterisiert werden.

    You still okay with this? Surely your European colleagues are completely aware of the definition of a Wappler

    I know of the “Complete Idiots Guide to….” series but Wappler is a current expression that may help to force prejudice against any Product produced by a Wappler centered developer.

  • John Link

    Hi there Boris.

    I’ve read through the pricing questions and your responses. None of them answer my question so I’ll ask it here.

    I want to get Wrappler Pro. I understand I get a permanent license to use the version I get plus 1 year of updates to the version. Very plain and simple.

    But Wrappler Pro’s appeal is all the extensions that come with it. If I choose to NOT update these extensions, will they still work after the 1 year period has expired, just as they worked during the first year?

    Thank you.

  • Bart

    Hey John,

    It does not sound like it. (to me)

    #2 from the Frequently Asked Questions, states “After this period, Wappler will continue working and you if you want to continue using the extensions and get free updates you need to purchase a new license.”

    So if you want to “keep using the extensions” you have to pay. At least that is how it is stated and reads? So it seems they will then be disabled if you don’t.

  • John Link

    Thanks Bart. If all the extensions become disabled, all that is left is the core. The only function of the core that I can glean is to activate and orchestrate extensions. Without them, Wrappler appears to be unable to do anything useful. It seems quite similar to Adobe’s subscription model for Dreamweaver, only with the first year’s rent paid in advance. Perhaps Boris can clarify.


  • Bart

    Agreed John.

    For this reason, I can not secure a purchase order from my company, seems to be the deal breaker.

  • Teodor Kuduschiev

    Hello guys,

    Wappler core available after the period of an year is over is offering a fully functional Design view and Code editor with ftp functionality, file manager, project management tools, console. You can build your page layouts, whether they are based on Bootstrap 4 or not – just add any standard HTML element(s) if you don’t use Bootstrap 4.
    Of course you will not be able to add or visually edit front-end elements like Slideshows, Galleries, Lightboxes, Charts, Maps … etc. or server-side related ones like connecting to databases and edit database content, uploading files, processing images .. building and exporting mobile apps.

    So basically you get the same functionality as DW offers you – but for free. When your Adobe subscription is over you are not able to use DW at all …

    Also – i would prefer to answer to people using their real names and emails, so i’d kindly ask you to use real ones in the future.

  • John Link

    Teodor, thanks for your response. I used my real name, complete with email and one of my websites.

  • Bart

    Likewise, sad you assume don’t otherwise.

  • Bart

    – dont 😉

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