Most Popular Frameworks are Coming Up with Wappler

You know, Wappler is a visual components-based builder and it will fully support the most popular CSS frameworks! Let’s reveal that great mystery in our first blog post about Wappler’s features.

Boostrap4 for Web

Part of Wappler’s core components for creating great web or mobile applications is Bootstrap. But wait… version 4! That’s the world’s most popular front-end component library and you can use it to build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

How to add Bootstrap to your page? Straight in Design View! Just select the body and click on the highlighted [+] icon. Simple as that! We have implemented special Design View preview rendering, as well as main grid and many elements like Cards, Flexbox, Buttons, Navbars…

Framework7 for Mobile

The same for using Framework7, you can just use the built-in icon in the Design View.

That really popular framework is definitely for you if you decide to build iOS or Android hybrid app or web app that looks like and feels as great native iOS and Google Material apps! Remember – just in a great visual way, without any coding skills needed!

Are you excited? Just wait and see Wappler’s other features…