Wappler User Feedback: Paul Strydom

As you know, we started publishing what our users think about Wappler.

Here is the next one – Paul Strydom:


Up until Wappler I have been going into Dreamweaver making a new page, inserting whatever DMX | Zone functionality I needed, then closing it all down, opening my file in Espresso and doing everything in code from there. I am a control freak and I own it.

Wappler to be honest also makes some edits, but it is Wappler edits, to Wappler extensions, in Wappler code, in the Wappler application, so i trust that what it does is not breaking things. Kind of like buying a car and taking it to the manufacturer for services, when something goes wrong I am not listening to stories of how mechanic X did this and having to prove who is wrong and who is right. With Wappler I feel this sense of trust, plus it is transparent, I can see what it is doing in front of my eyes, if I do not like it, I can change it, if I no longer feel like using Wappler I can take my code fully contained and functional into any text editor I like.

Rapid development wise I find it to be faster and more reliable than any software I have used before. For design I do feel that there might be applications I have used that equal or better the speed of the build in Wappler, however I never know what they are doing in the code, and even if I do, I generally do not agree with what it is doing, or how it is building what I want. Wappler builds and writes code exactly the way I would have done it manually 99% of the time, so to me it is fast, very, very fast.

For application development, in my opinion there is no equal, anybody in my opinion could make an application in this that would work to some degree, and for me who knows quite a bit of code in my head already, it does everything to perfection. I unfortunately do not have the time to learn every new development every single day, but with Wappler I can add a file upload to my website and just trust that the code it is using, has been tried, tested, debugged, and scrutinised by a client base of coders. If there were something not working to perfection in it, they would be made aware of it very quickly.

Having personally built by hand a system that could take an upload on an apache web server, place the file in a temp folder, move the file to the correct folder, delete the file etc. I can attest to how long this process takes. In Wappler I could build that same site that took me almost a month in about 2 days.

The thing I love about Wappler is possibly the strangest, this community forum, where a bunch of people with various levels of skill can come together and ask questions, and get informed answers. And if they don’t within a few short hours you can just type @George, @teodor, or @patrick and they kind of have to take you seriously. It is like having a team of professional developers in my office, and I am the boss, and can shout and scream like a brat if something is not working, even when it is me not using the software correctly, I can say, well you should have added that in the software, or, if your documentation was better I would have known that. So it’s a win, win situation for me. Although I do feel bad for them at times.

In a nutshell, Wappler is fast, it helps develop rapidly, there is support, it updates and fixes issues at great speed, and best of all it has saved me hours upon hours, which gives me time and money. I can dump the payment for my form software, for my Adobe tools, for my FTP client, for my other extensions. The savings for me come to more than the cost of Wappler. Pretty soon there will be video tutorials on many topics, there will be documentation that is complete, and support for all the questions we might have.

Thank you Wappler Team for an amazing tool, and for the courage in your mammoth undertaking…