Wappler Beta 12: Bootstrap Meets App Connect

After that so inspirational week on Web Summit, we are releasing next beta version of Wappler! It is concentrated on the connection between App Connect and Bootstrap components!

Now even Bootstrap rows can be repeaten and their data populated with App Connect! Have a look at the other changes:

  • Added Text and Appereance options for Title, Paragraph, Buttons, Card-title and Card-text
  • Added Appereance and Spacing for images and Card top image
  • Improved design time CSS rendering of images with dynamic data source

Design View changelog

  • Added new Delete Element and Duplicate Element actions in Design View for the selection
  • Smart show of selection icons when there is no room above
  • Show the current selected tag name in the highlighted selection when possible
  • When deleting tags in Design View or from the app connect panel, the remaining code is now cleaned up and indented