Beta 13: The Bootstrap Navigator

Wappler is moving closer to the public beta vesion!

In this Beta we are going further: we have extended the Bootstrap 4 integration, so now you have all Navigation components at your disposal! Navbars, Navs, Dropdowns, Tabs are waiting for you!

Bootstrap 4 changes

  • Added full Navbar support! With branding, toggle, collapse and navs support!
  • Added Full support of Navs with list, dropdowns and text items inside
  • Navs have the flex properties for item aligning
  • Dropdowns support added. Note open then in design view with Ctrl + click
  • Action Toogles to activate Dropdowns, Collapse, Tabs or Modals! Available on Card Links, Action List Item
  • List Groups and Action List groups added
  • Tab Content with Panes added
  • New Templates elements group, for ready to go template bootstrap template code
  • Allow HTML5 Semantic Elements, like Header, Section and Footer, to be used as Bootstrap 4 containers and also have Bootstrap styling
  • Added Screen Reader only options
  • Added Full Navbar Template

Some Design View features were added, as well as some bugs fixed!