Wappler’s Top 5 Features According to its Power Users

Wappler gives you an endless amount of possibilities, but what are truly its best features? According to our community, some features have made a big difference in their use of Wappler.

So, what makes Wappler tick? What has been the biggest influence on the workflow of our users?

The Heart of Wappler: The Community

First things first, the biggest thing that adds so much more life into Wappler is our beloved community. Without the extremely helpful feedback, suggestions and appreciation, Wappler wouldn’t be what it is today.

In our community we have Wappler Ambassadors, our most valued users! Here are some of our ambassadors sharing their thoughts and opinions about how our active community has shaped Wappler.

“The team and members put each other first. I have never been privileged to work so closely with the developers of a product and have so many willing people around me to assist with questions in an understanding and non-judgemental way.” Brian English, Wappler Ambassador

“The entire group, from those who contribute frequently, to those who contribute occasionally, to the ones asking the questions, all are polite and desire to help. This is true even when it is clear the question is wrong, off base and unrelated to the product. People try to help regardless.

What a blessing.” – Jim Arthur, Wappler Ambassador

Favorite Features: Design

Of course, being a part of our community is a key element to being a Wappler user, but what actual features of Wappler itself have stolen the heart of users?

According to Chad, the several design options play a big role in Wappler:

“I’m a big fan of there being a Properties Panel, Design Panel and CSS Panel. This gives three entirely different ways of approaching the design in Wappler. It also streamlines the process by keeping these three different types of workflows away from each other so their respective interfaces are as simple as they need to be.” –  Chad McComas, Wappler Ambassador

With Wappler, our main goal is to help and guide people to create their own website or app, just by visually designing their project. With these designing options, you have infinite freedom to create whatever you want.

We have a great live Design Panel, so you can instantly view everything that you are creating. Paul will tell you something about how he appreciates the way it works:

“This is a true live design panel, my slideshow images show their set animations, my hidden elements are hidden, and I can see each device viewport size, all this while remaining selectable, so you can highlight the desired element and view/edit its properties.”  – Paul Strydom, Wappler Ambassador

Favorite Features: Time-saving

When creating in Wappler, it’s not only easier to design visually, but also extremely time-saving! Being able to do a task in just a few clicks, with instant result, managing your time working on a project has become much easier.

Ben elaborates on how working with Wappler has been a huge time-saver:

“Because of this [time-saving] I have not only been able to cut the cost of producing a website for my clients, it also enables me to produce a website in record time.” – Ben Pleysier, Wappler Ambassador

Not only being able to do big tasks much quicker, Wappler is also much faster in use when compared to others. It only takes a second or two to start, and you’re ready to go!

Other Favorite Features

In the past two paragraphs we talked about how the design elements in Wappler are easily accessible and how fast you can work on your projects. A great example of both of these things is adding elements to a page within your projects.

“The way you can add elements to a page through the plus symbols is really easy and fast to use. I don’t have to use panels to the side of the browser window, and can keep my focus where it needs to be: On the content.” –  Chad McComas, Wappler Ambassador

Directly adding elements right where you want them, or simply duplicating an existing element takes just a second.

Another great thing in Wappler is the broad integration. Because of this, using Wappler creates endless possibilities for web design, with complete freedom.

“I see the complete integration of basic web page design, Server Connect, App Connect, the ability to add Bootstrap or Framework 7, all with relative ease, usually just a couple of clicks and maybe a piece of text or two, make this a wonderful tool for everyone.”  Jim Arthur, Wappler Ambassador

So using Wappler makes it much easier if you want to design faster and more effectively. Thanks to our Ambassadors in our community we could compile this list of some of their favorite features and uses in Wappler.

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