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Wappler’s User Interface: Totally Reimagined

Really big, eye-catching (literally) Wappler update!

We totally polished the Wappler user interface to a super modern and trendy UI! You will now enjoy all the great clean controls and UI panels with clear selection.

Thanks to the great Font Awesome 5 light icons, now everything in the UI looks awesome light and user friendly!

There are some more improvements released too: the CSS Designer got further development with now full support of Auto Prefixes! You do not have to worry about any prefixes no more!

The CSS Designer panel first shows you CSS clean without any prefixes and then when you save your changes it generates all the right prefixes fully automatically! All controlled by the options you set in the preferences – so how many browser versions back you want to support.

Even the DOM Tree got a lot more love and there you now have nice toolbar with great filtering options!

You can still join the crowdfunding and become early Wappler adopter!

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  • Bart

    The April 16th Blog post + social feeds stated “48 hours left until the end of the campaign!”. Now 9 days later you say you can still be part of the crowdfunding?

    The timing and promised dates of everything still seem to be getting misrepresented by the Wappler team. I’m looking forward to see the app though if and when its ever available to the public.

  • Teodor Kuduschiev

    Officially our crowdfunding campaign is over. Indiegogo allows you to continue to raise funds after you successfully reached your crowdfunding goal.
    Our goal was reached during the crowdfunding campaign, and now the campaign is “InDemand”. Here is what Indiegogo website explains about InDemand:

    How is InDemand different from my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign?
    InDemand is the bridge between crowdfunding and commerce. InDemand is available to all campaigners after they meet their original campaign goal. It is a post-campaign solution that allows you to continue raising funds as you develop your product. Unlike crowdfunding campaigns, InDemand is not based on a fixed fundraising goals. InDemand is built to be flexible; there are no fixed timelines and there is the ability to change the perks offered throughout, like raising prices as you get closer to the ship date. Campaigners still get access to the same analytics and engagement tools as during their original campaign.

    The “timing and promised dates” as you call them are just right and everything is going perfectly well.

  • Bart

    — “The “timing and promised dates” as you call them are just right and everything is going perfectly well.” —

    Just like you documented the inDemand in your response, do you want me to compile an expansive list of communication missteps made by the Wappler and DMXzone team concerning “timing & communication” surrounding this project?

    I think not, as the list is very telling and lengthy. 😉

  • Steve

    Wow guys, the UI update is awesome! Wappler is really great already, so much better than DW 🙂

  • Trevor

    It this cost a one off purchade or is it payable each year.

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